Calderdale Conservatives launch local election campaign promising to deliver ‘More for Less’

Calderdale Conservatives have launched their local election campaign and have promised to deliver ‘more for less’ in providing a positive change to the Labour-run Council. If they take control of the Council, Conservatives have promised to:

Keep Council Tax low and provide ‘more for less’: By running the Council more efficiently, cutting waste, and delivering a balanced budget, Conservatives will keep Council Tax low, providing value for money. This will free up more money to be spent on looking after older people, filling in pot holes, and keeping our streets clean. 

Spend more money on keeping our streets clean and filling in pot holes: Labour have cut services such as street and highways maintenance, and libraries. Conservatives will restore these budgets ensuring our streets and parks are clean, pot holes are filled in, and street lights are repaired. 

Invest in our town centres and abolish some parking charges: Conservatives will ensure that no community is left behind by sharing a multi-million pound investment fund across our different towns. They will also reduce/ abolish some parking charges. 

Safeguard our local environment: Conservatives will tackle litter hot spots, have a zero tolerance approach to combating fly-tipping, and improve air quality.  Conservatives will ensure that new development takes place on brownfield land first to preserve our green belt. 

‘We all know that local councils have less money to spend than they did several years ago. This makes it all the more important that they spend their money carefully and deliver value for money. Labour have routinely failed residents through their lack of financial control. Their disastrous  handling of vanity projects and day-to-day spending has resulted in overspends of at least £10 million which now means less money is available for basic services and Council Tax has had to be increased’, said Cllr Scott Benton, Leader of the Conservative Group on Calderdale Council.  

‘Labour have cut the budgets for street and highways maintenance and libraries, but refuse to cut the number of Councillors, their expenses, or limit the pay of senior officials. It is clear that they have got their priorities wrong! A Conservative-run Council will restore good financial management to the Council. This will mean that they can keep Council Tax low and spend more money on basic services such as filling in pot holes, cleaning the streets, and looking after our elderly residents. They will also spend money fairly across Calderdale including in towns and villages such as Elland which have been forgotten by Labour’, said Craig.