Craig welcomes single, skills-based immigration system which ends free movement

Craig has welcomed the Government’s plan for a new single, skills-based immigration system, which marks the end of free movement once and for all. 


The system will be built around what people can contribute, rather than where they come from. For the first time in decades, the UK will have full control over who comes here, with everyone needing permission before they arrive.


This will enable employers in Calder Valley to have access to the skills they need from around the world, while ensuring net migration is reduced to sustainable levels.


There will be a new visa route for skilled workers, no cap for professions such as doctors and engineers and no limit on the number of international students coming to our world class universities – who will be able to stay for up to 12 months after graduation to find employment.


Commenting, Craig said:


“The people of Calder Valley voted to take back control of our borders, and that is exactly what the future system will allow us to do.”  


“We will welcome talented and hardworking people who can support our economy, while bringing immigration down to sustainable levels and making sure we are training people up here in Calder Valley


“For the first time in decades, we will have full control over who comes here.”


Commenting, Home Secretary, Sajid Javid said:


“We are delivering on the clear instruction to get control over our borders and will bring in a new system that works in the interest of the British people.


“It will be a single, skills-based immigration system built around the talent and expertise people can bring, rather where they come from – maximising the benefits of immigration and demonstrating the UK is open for business.”