Decision to Demolish Todmorden Bandstand to be Challenged by Conservative Councillors

The decision of Calderdale Council’s Labour-run Cabinet to demolish the Bandstand in Centre Vale Park, Todmorden has been challenged by Conservative Councillors. In July, Calderdale Council’s Cabinet recommended that the Bandstand be demolished and that the footprint of the structure be made good and formed into a hardstanding area.  

The decision to remove the Bandstand has proved very unpopular with many Todmorden residents. Craig Whittaker MP conducted an on-line poll on his Facebook page in which 86% of the 1400 people who took part voted against the decision to demolish the Bandstand.

‘It's clear to see that the vast majority of local people want the structure to be maintained and restored. I have written to Calderdale to ask that they give Todmorden Town Council the time that they need to look at accessing grant funding so that the Bandstand can be restored. I have also offered my support to the Town Council to work with them to explore how the structure can be maintained’, said Craig Whittaker MP.

Conservative Councillors have organised a special scrutiny meeting to challenge the Council's decision to demolish the Bandstand. This meeting will take place on Tuesday 20th August, 6pm, at Halifax Town Hall and is open to the general public. ‘Although the Council doesn’t have unlimited financial resources, it has a clear duty to work with residents and Todmorden Town Council to try to find a way of maintaining and restoring the Bandstand. We have organised this meeting to try to ensure that local residents and the Town Council are given the opportunity to work together to come up with a solution before the structure is demolished’, said Cllr Scott Benton, Leader of the Conservative Group on Calderdale Council.