The number of people in full-time jobs has hit a record high and unemployment has fallen in all regions under the Conservatives

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) today show that in Yorkshire and The Humber there are 2,617,734 people in work – meaning that, under the Conservatives, 236,371 more people have the security of a job.

In Calder Valley, the number of people who are claiming key out-of-work benefits has fallen by 736 since 2010 – an overall reduction of 30% per cent, meaning fewer people now need this support because they have the security of a job.

The figures show that wages have risen at their fastest pace in over a decade as the unemployment rate is at its lowest since 1975, at 3.9 per cent.

With employment in the UK at a record high – including a record number of women in work and a record number of full-time jobs –more people than ever before have the economic independence that a job brings and can reach their full potential.

Behind every employment number is a person and a family whose self-esteem, mental wellbeing, economic circumstances and life chances are all vastly improved by being in the workplace.

Calder Valley MP, Craig Whittaker has welcomed these figures, saying:

“These figures show our balanced approach to the economy is working. With local elections soon approaching, it is the Conservatives who have a proven record of delivering for people up and down the country.

“There are more people in work than ever before, and the Conservatives will continue to help people build a better future for themselves and their families.

“Labour don’t know how to handle the economy and would hurt the people they claim they want to help, just like last time.”

Amber Rudd, the Work and Pensions Secretary, responded to the latest employment figures, saying:

“Under this Conservative government, more people than ever before have the security of a job, and with wages rising at their fastest rate for a decade, people’s pay can go further.

“It’s particularly pleasing to see there are now a record number of women in work and a record number of people with secure, full-time jobs.

“Since we came to government, unemployment has fallen in every region of the UK and over three quarters of new jobs have been created outside of London.

“Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour would put all this at risk. Only the Conservatives careful management of our economy can ensure more good jobs are created and people can get on in life.”