NHS Funding Update (Budget 2018)

Thank you for contacting me about tax rises to fund the NHS.

Our NHS is a vital public service, providing healthcare to whoever needs it, free at the point of use, regardless of background or income. It is clear that more funding is needed to keep pace with growing pressures on the NHS, which is why I welcome the fact that NHS funding will grow on average by 3.4 per cent in real terms through to 2023/24. This will provide NHS England with over £20 billion more, in real terms, for its annual budget.

The Chancellor was clear in the recent Autumn Budget that ending austerity will not involve increasing people’s tax bills. With the Office for Budget Responsibility significantly revising up growth figures and expected tax receipts over the coming years, the Chancellor has confirmed that tax rises to pay for the increased NHS budget will not be necessary.

Indeed, the Chancellor has confirmed that far from increasing income tax, the Personal Allowance will be raised to £12,500 and the Higher Rate Threshold to £50,000. I am glad that, through careful management of the economy since 2010, the Government is able to deliver record levels of investment in the NHS at the same time as taking more people out of tax.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.

Craig Whittaker MP

November 2018