Public Parks

Thank you for contacting me about public parks.

I recognise the importance and value of parks and green spaces in providing vibrant and inclusive locations for local communities to enjoy, and how this can contribute to health and general well-being.

A Parks Action Group has been established across Whitehall departments with experts from the parks sector, including the National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces. £500,000 has been allocated to support the group’s work on building the sustainability of public parks.

With regard to funding for public parks, I am glad that the core spending power of local authorities across England totals £45.1 billion this financial year, a real terms increase from the year previous. It is up to individual local authorities to manage their budgets in line with local priorities, including park maintenance.

I am confident that the work of the Parks Action Group will help to secure a sustainable future for public parks, and I look forward to the Government reporting back on the progress of the Group later this year.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.

Craig Whittaker MP

November 2018