About Craig

Craig gained significant experience of working in retail management before he became an MP. In addition to this, Craig was also active in local politics serving upon Heptonstall Parish Council (between 1998 - 2003) before representing both Brighouse (from 2003) and then Rastrick (from 2007) on Calderdale Council. During Craig's time on the council he was the Cabinet Member responsible for Children’s Services between 2007 - 2010.

He was voted into Parliament to represent the Calder Valley in May 2010. Craig was successfully re-elected at the 2015 General Election where he increased both his vote and his share of the vote. At the snap General Election in 2017, Craig once again achieved an increase in both his personal vote and his share of the vote and was elected to serve the Calder Valley for a third time. At the snap General Election in 2019, Craig was re-elected for a fourth time - the first time ever a Calder Valley MP has returned to serve a fourth term. It was also the first time that a sitting MP has increased their majority in the Calder Valley, as well as achieving the largest percentage share of the vote (51.9%) ever recorded in the history of the Calder Valley seat. 

In Parliament, Craig takes a keen interest in those issues which affect his constituents in Calder Valley and he spends much of his time discussing local matters and specific individual cases on behalf of his constituents with Government Ministers. In January 2018, Craig was appointed to the position of HM Lord Commissioner of the Treasury and in April 2019 was promoted to the role of Vice Chamberlain of HM Household (Government Whip) in which he served until August 2019. 

His voting record is well above average for MPs and he attends and votes in the majority of Parliamentary debates. His areas of specialism include Education and Looked After Children and Young People. Craig founded local Calderdale charity, TLC – Together for Looked After Children which focuses on improving educational opportunities for looked after children in Calderdale.

Here in the Calder Valley, Craig is involved with dozens of local community groups and projects throughout the different areas of the constituency. He enjoys visiting local businesses, schools and voluntary organisations and seeing the fantastic work that these do and the positive benefits that they bring to the different areas of the valley.

Craig is an open and accountable MP. His expenses and budgets are all outlined on this website. He holds a large number of surgeries for residents to speak to him. With the help of his team in his Brighouse office, Craig responds to individual cases about a range of issues including benefits problems, issues with the CSA, crime and immigration.

Away from politics, Craig enjoys getting involved in the local community and spending time with his family. He lives in Rastrick and has three children, Lee, Sophie and Bethannie.