Elland Regeneration - Craig Organises Open Public Meeting

I have organised an open public meeting to discuss regenerating Elland Town Centre. The meeting will take place on Friday 1st February 2019, at 6:30pm in the Canon Winters Centre at All Saints Church, Savile Road, Elland, HX5 0NH.


The purpose of the meeting will be to try to bring together businesses, voluntary/community groups, residents, and Calderdale Council, to both discuss some of the planned projects in Elland and some of the ways in which we can work together to make improvements to the town centre. Hopefully this meeting will allow an opportunity for people to give their views and for some progress to be made towards revitalising Elland Town Centre. The meeting will be chaired by Craig and Elland Councillor, John Ford.


‘Although Elland has suffered from a lack of investment by the Council for many years, there is investment due to take place, not least the £20 million Government funded new Railway Station, and so this is a good time to see if there are any areas where improvements can be agreed upon by businesses and residents and carried out by Calderdale Council. There are a variety of views in relation to what the main issues are in Elland and how these should be addressed. I look forward to hearing the different views at the meeting which will hopefully act as a catalyst for change’, said Craig.