Craig's Five Point Plan for a Better Calder Valley

1 – Supporting businesses and creating new jobs

Business and employment is continuing to thrive in the Calder Valley. We’ve brought the Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers here to promote and discuss policy with our local businesses. This is having a direct impact: the number of people claiming unemployment benefits in Calder Valley is down by 30% since 2010, and employment is at a record high. This means that more people are in work, contributing to the economy and providing for their family. I will continue to work with Calder Valley businesses to ensure our local economy continues to prosper and work for everyone.


2 – Securing your pension

We must ensure pensioners continue to get a good deal. By securing the Triple Lock, pensions are protected and guaranteed to increase every year by the higher of inflation, average earnings or a minimum of 2.5%. This enables pensioners to have a good quality of life in retirement, and to maintain independence for as long as possible. Through hosting ‘pensioner fairs’, I am able to speak with older people and listen to any concerns they may have. 


3 – Protecting against flooding

After relentless lobbying, I secured over £100 million from the Government for flood support and prevention work in Calder Valley. The work has already begun: widening river channels, creating new and improved flood walls, and implementing upland management schemes. I will continue to work with local residents and stakeholders to ensure the money is well spent, and that the schemes are delivered on time and on budget, so we are better protected against flooding. 


4 – Regenerating our town centres

In my recent survey, over 70% of residents said regeneration in our towns is a priority. For this reason I’m hosting a regeneration forum – to let residents and businesses explain what they want to see. Working with you will allow me to present your opinions to Calderdale Council, ensuring our towns get the investment they need.


5– Transport that works for everyone

Good transport links are vital to the Calder Valley. That’s why we are investing in our travel network. This includes a £22 million investment for a new train station in Elland. Additionally, tens of millions of pounds will be invested in Calderdale’s transport schemes through the government funded Combined Authority, making your journeys easier, quicker and safer.   



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